Microsoft has recently announced that they will be making their Azure cloud platform available to the Australian development community in April 2010.


The Azure platform will offer “SQL” and ‘Windows Server” in the cloud. Primarily targeted at .NET developers, Azure is also an ideal platform for PHP web developers.

The advantage the Azure platform has over other “cloud platforms” is that a replica of the infrastructure can be simulated on a local machine, so developers can develop locally and once they are ready to deploy, they simply publish to the cloud.

What does this mean to you?

You will get all the benefits of the cloud with reduced bandwidth consumption, meaning less cost when compared to other platforms.

“I’m very excited about this product,” stated Kareem Tawansi, CEO of Solentive Software, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, “I think Microsoft has identified a gap in the current cloud computing model, which is around bandwidth consumption.

“When the cloud computing buzz first started there were some who envisaged a complete move from ‘local’ to ‘cloud’, however I don’t think this is realistic,” he continued.

“Enterprises will always have a need for some local resources. My guess is the future will see mixed environments and I believe Azure is best positioned to support such environments.”