When deciding where to host their applications, organisations have 3 main options; on-premises hosted or in the cloud.


The key aspects an organisation should consider when deciding where to host their applications include:

  • cost
  • security and access to data
  • flexibility

Running on-premises servers can be very costly; costs include equipment, electricity, air-conditioning and staff wages. The advantage of on-premises servers is that an organisation has complete control of their data and who is granted access to that data.

On the other hand, having applications hosted or in the cloud, reduces the costs associated with maintaining equipment and employing staff. However, organisations cannot be certain who can get access to their data, and in certain circumstances, depending on where the hosting is provided, government regulation may permit access to data without an organisation’s consent.

“In my opinion, business critical, data sensitive applications should be kept on-premises,” commented Kareem Tawansi CEO of software development provider Solentive Software, “this ensures your data is secure.

“For non-business critical applications, hosting or the cloud provide a less costly option that organisations should seriously consider.”