UX Design

We provide UX (user experience) design services to ensure your applications are intuitive and easy-to-use

Have you invested a lot of time and money into developing and promoting an application, only to find no-one is using it? The problem could be that your application is simply too difficult to use. Have your design consultants designed a solution that is costly to build? The problem could be you need designers with practical experience in building and delivering solutions to a deadline and budget.

At Solentive, our UX Consultants will ensure the experience provided by your application, product or service; is as efficient and enjoyable as possible for your end users. This in turn, will result in higher conversion rates, customer loyalty and revenue.

We believe that designing a great user experience must also be practical to deliver. Our UX Consultants leverage Solentive’s extensive experience delivering solutions on time and within budget. And we never compromise on quality.

We use a range of methodologies like observation, conception and evaluation that allows us to develop a design aligned with the needs of your users. This is an essential step in the development of your application, product or service.

Our UX design services include:

  1. UX Research
    • Personas
    • Surveys
    • Focus Groups
    • Analytics and Conversion Optimisation
  2. UX and UI (User Interface) Design
    • Wireframing
    • Prototyping
    • Documentation
    • Functional Design
    • Design Concepts
    • Visual Design
  3. User Testing/QA (Quality Assurance)
    • UI Assessment
    • Standards Check
    • Compliance Check
    • Accessibility Testing
    • Usability Check
    • New Needs Assessment

Why we are different

At Solentive, our UX Consultants come from a wide range of disciplines – marketing, advertising, design and even psychology. This differentiation enables us to have a deep understanding of what your business is trying to achieve and align the experience to match your users’ needs.

Some UX Design Clients

We provided conceptual prototyping including user testing of concepts, as part of a design thinking engagement for Schneider Electric.
We provided UX and conceptual screen designs for their patient management portal and their Grow by Genea mobile app.
We redesigned the UI of an application as part of a software recovery project for AUB Group.

Our Happy Clients

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