Customer Experience

Customer Experience

We help clients transform their customer experience

Whilst organisations strive to become a customer-centric business, traditional organisational structures, departmental silos and segregated customer journeys can make achieving a cohesive customer experience seem difficult.

We have found, in many organisations, different stages of the customer experience is executed by different departments. These different stages become separate customer journeys where departments work in silos, creating digital assets in isolation. With no cohesion and no overarching customer experience strategy, the customer is passed along from one customer journey to another. Instead of one seamless customer experience, they may go through 3 or 4 separate customer journeys. This negatively impacts customers’ purchase decision and increases time to purchase.

Customer experience services

We combine our strategic thinking and 20 years of technology expertise with practical customer experience knowledge to show you how to drive a superior customer experience across every part of your business.

Our customer experience services include:

  • Customer Experience Audit – We take you through a structured customer experience audit to quickly identify where your business needs to improve – highlighting priority areas for quick wins.
  • Customer Experience Roadmap – We develop a customer experience roadmap outlining a clear plan of what needs to be done to transform your customer experience with timeframes and investment involved.
  • Self Service Portals – We design and create self-service portals such as mobile apps, responsive websites and in-store kiosks so you are always open for business for your customers.
  • Powered by Software – We unify and optimise your internal software systems to make it easier and faster for your team to respond to customer requests and outperform your competitors.

Transforming the customer experience at Clipsal

In 2005, Clipsal embarked on a journey to improve awareness and increase sales from their channel market.

The Clipsal and Solentive partnership began when Clipsal engaged Solentive to develop a digital version of its trade product guide currently known as eCatalogue. Over the past ten years, Solentive has been a trusted technology advisor to Clipsal, using the latest technology to invent software systems critical to enhancing the customer experience and providing a long-term, sustainable competitive advantage.

The result of the Solentive-built systems has seen an increase in revenue and market share and reaffirmed Clipsal as a leader in the electrical, data communications, industrial and home automation markets.


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