Agile Custom Software Development Process

We use a flexible hybrid Agile approach refined over 20 years of on-time and in-budget projects

Have you run out of budget before your solution was delivered? Do you have projects that never seem to finish? Do you look at the software delivered by your so called “development partner” and wonder how they got it so wrong? Are you looking for the “Goldilocks” approach to custom software development where your involvement is just right? You need to leverage Solentive’s experience.

We have been delivering successful custom software projects for customers of varying size for over 20 years. During this time, we have seen a lot of change in both technology and delivery methodology. We have found that there is no single development methodology that fits all clients. A flexible approach, tailored to each client and each project is the only approach that works without fail.

It’s all about balance and listening to our clients. This is why we use a flexible hybrid Agile model. The degree of the following must be just right for each project:

  1. Definition of scope/user stories
  2. Development of prototypes
  3. Amount of effort and elapsed time
  4. Involvement of your resources
  5. Rigidity of budget
  6. Management of contingency
  7. Management of change
  8. Length of each sprint
  9. Time of minimal viable product (MVP)

What does this mean for you?

  • We can tailor an approach that is right for your next project
  • We can deliver your next custom software development project on time and in budget
  • Your team will be comfortable with their level of involvement

Why Choose Us

  • With over 20 years of experience, we successfully build software people love to use
  • All our engagements are collaborative
  • We deliver agile, innovative solutions, on time and on budget
  • Our consultants are highly experienced at delivering complex projects
  • We have an experienced team of qualified scrum masters, certified software engineers, accredited project managers, ISTQB certified testers, solutions architects and specialist UX/UI designers that we allocate to your project
  • Using our Solentive Practical Agile Methodology, we have successfully delivered software solutions across industries including finance, insurance, education, utilities, telecommunications, legal, health, logistics, waste management, professional services, media, online content, mining and manufacturing

How we engage with our current clients

jjrichards Commercial Engagement: Time and Materials
Development Methodology: Practical Agile Methodology
Initially we built a system for JJ Richards based on a fixed price basis. Following the deployment of the system, JJ Richards moved to a Time and Materials approach, where the Solentive team is an extension of the internal JJ Richards development team. Through joint elaboration sessions, the Solentive team capture the requirements and deliver iteration based enhancements to the system on an ongoing basis.
Commercial Engagement: Cost Targeting
Development Methodology: Practical Agile Methodology
UNSW Medicine, came to us with a requirement to build a cross platform mobile application on a predetermined budget. The Solentive team worked with UNSW Medicine to prioritise the features of the app to ensure that it fit within the budget. Using this approach, UNSW Medicine was able to deliver an app that provides the most value to the University while meeting their predetermined budget.
clipsal Commercial Engagement: Fixed Price
Development Methodology: Practical Agile Methodology
Clipsal has been a Solentive client for over 10 years. During this time we have designed, developed and enhanced a number of software systems that has seen an increase in revenue and market share and reaffirmed Clipsal as a leader in their industry. Clipsal systems are built based on our traditional Fixed Price Practical Agile Methodology which includes a Vision followed by iterative development.


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"We see Solentive as an extension of our internal team rather than an external vendor. It’s natural for us to involve them in new projects that we are planning." Matthew Schoemaker,

JJ Richards & Sons