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We help organisations remediate current systems for increased performance

Has your business outgrown your legacy software applications?  Do you need to enhance your system with additional functionality as your business grows?  Are your systems operating in silos without the ability to communicate?  Perhaps your business is in need of software systems recovery.

We help clients revitalise systems that are not meeting their needs.  Whether through additional custom functionality or integration of siloed systems, our experienced software professionals will provide a practical solution.

Throughout the 20 years that we have been remediating systems for clients, we have found the majority of clients require:

  • Identification of problem areas within the current system and potential areas for improvement
  • A remediation strategy to get the system from where it is now to where it needs to be to meet business needs
  • Advice and guidance on integration points with other business systems
  • Support and enhancement of the system to cater for changing business requirements

How we remediate your system

Initially, as part of our software systems recovery services, your stakeholders and our consultants workshop your business goals and the way you use the system.  Next, our software architects and experienced senior software engineers will do a deep dive into your system to get an understanding of how it works and what options for remediation are possible.

We then marry your business goals to what is possible with your system.  You are given a comprehensive recommendations and remediation plan.

Depending on your system and your goals, there are usually two options available to you:

  • Remediation of your system.  Involves incepting and enhancing the system with additional functionality to meet your goals.  This could include integration into other business systems to reduce duplication and double handling.
  • Rebuild of the system.  Often we find that a system is built in such a way that rebuilding the system from scratch would be more cost effective and faster than trying to remediate what’s already there.

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