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Leading businesses already know that enterprise mobility has the potential to transform their organisation. A shift from a legacy-first to a mobile-first strategy is fast becoming a priority for most organisations. The cloud and emerging mobile hardware are merging the world of software and hardware together to create greater connectivity. Collecting data can now be done quickly, easily and cost effectively and can be used to proactively drive productivity. We will use the latest in mobile technology to expand your mobile capabilities and drive your mobile-first strategy.

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Cross Platform Mobile Applications

Reaching and engaging customers that are using a variety of mobile devices across a number of mobile platforms has become a growing challenge for many organisations.  Cross platform mobile applications address this challenge by enabling organisations to invest in one application that can be deployed on all three dominant mobile platforms (iOS, Android and Windows).  Solentive-built cross platform mobile applications cost 60% less to build and are deployed faster than three discreet native apps.