The proposition to extend the Do Not Call Register to business numbers has been met with opposition by sales and marketing but what does it mean for IT?


What is the Do Not Call Register for businesses?

If the plan passes the senate and is enforced by legislation, all businesses regardless of their size will need to ‘wash’ their sales call lists. This involves checking that the phone numbers on their sales call lists have not been registered on the Do Not Call Register.

How does this affect IT?

The most commonly used business systems to track and monitor calls are CRM systems such as Dynamics 365. Lists of contacts are defined, segmented, contacted and recorded within a CRM system.

The responsibility for administration and maintenance of a CRM system often rests with IT. Undoubtedly changes will need to be made to the CRM system to ensure compliance should the proposed Do Not Call Register extension become legislation.

IT needs to be prepared for change requests to in-house maintained CRM systems or a possible upgrade of off-the-shelf systems.