The Apple iPhone has been a major success, and it was once believed that it would pose a significant threat to Nokia who is still the number one smartphone seller. However, many smartphone manufacturers have adopted Google’s Android platform and collectively, they are close behind Nokia’s heels. With Nokia’s recent announcement, where will Microsoft Windows Phone 7 fit and will this secure Nokia’s position as the number one seller of smartphones?


In such a competitive smartphone marketplace, Nokia has realised that it needed to significantly re-strategise its smartphone approach. In a desperate bid to stay competitive, it has gone through an operational restructure, partnered with Microsoft and embraced Windows Phone 7 as its primary smartphone platform. Is this a smart move by Nokia? Have they done enough? Will this affect who will be the ultimate winner in the smartphone operating system race?

“Nokia finds itself in an unusual position. It was once the leader in phone devices, but now it is struggling to find something that differentiates itself from all other phone hardware manufacturers,” commented Kareem Tawansi, CEO of software development provider, Solentive Software.

“Nokia’s decision to partner with Microsoft seems to make sense but may not produce the outcome that Nokia is hoping for. Having successfully used Microsoft throughout my 25 year IT career, the strategy behind Windows Phone 7 is somewhat vague to me. It is unclear where Microsoft intends for it to sit in the market – is it a closed platform and thus competing with Apple’s iOS or is it an open platform and competing with Google’s Android? Either way, this partnership may mean that Nokia will be facing the same problems as Microsoft,” continued Kareem.

“Perhaps Nokia would have been better off utilising their existing Symbian software to develop an operating system that will be a substantial competitor to the Android platform,” suggested Kareem.

So who will be the ultimate winner in the smartphone race?

“I don’t think there will be an ultimate winner as such, between the mobile operating systems,” commented Kareem, “I think Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android will be the front runners but they do have slightly different markets, so I believe there will be demand for both.”