TransGrid, a state-owned corporation responsible for the operation and management of the NSW high voltage electricity transmission network, has gone live with a new Authorisation and Training (AAT) application. The AAT application will reduce risk, ensure compliance with government policies, and ensure employee safety is maintained while safeguarding against workers compensation. The system was designed and built by innovative software development provider Solentive Software.


TransGrid is responsible for the management and maintenance of the NSW electricity transmission system comprising of 81 substations and power station switchyards and over 12,400 kilometres of transmission lines operating at up to 500kV.

The TransGrid network extends across NSW and connects with the Queensland, Victorian and South Australian electricity networks, forming a major part of one of the most extensive interconnected power systems in the world.

In addition to regular maintenance of the electrical network, TransGrid is responsible for rectifying emergency faults as they arise within the system. In order to effectively allocate staff to an emergency response team, TransGrid needs up-to-the-minute information about staff certifications and qualifications.

There is strict safety and training policies that Transgrid must adhere to such as, ensuring that repair personnel are properly certified and trained at all times. The risk of not complying with such policies may have disastrous consequences. TransGrid is committed to maintaining a safe working environment for all employees.

Therefore, having up-to-the-minute records is extremely important for TransGrid. Having used a legacy Access database application for many years, TransGrid found that it was fast becoming a limitation on their ability to keep accurate records and needed a more efficient solution.

Like all government departments, when looking for a software provider to upgrade their existing system, TransGrid invited a limited number of vendors to tender for the project.

Solentive Software was chosen as the preferred provider due to their previous experience in developing web based, multi-user, robust record and data management systems, utilising the Microsoft .NET platform.

Included in AAT is support for scheduling, recording and reporting of policies, training, assessments and authorisation to ensure work is undertaken in accordance with established safety and environmental standards.

Management of mandatory training and skill development programs including compliance and employee development programs are key features of the system.

Incorporated in the system is a comprehensive alert feature that automatically notifies key stakeholders when staff certification is approaching expiry.

With the ability to access accurate, timely records on-demand, TransGrid has seen a reduction in double handling of data, has enabled audit capabilities and has markedly increased management reporting proficiency.

The TransGrid AAT application went live into production on 22nd November 2010.