Most organisations do everything in their power to protect their IT infrastructure, but what many organisations have not considered is whether their customers and business partners also present a threat. A healthcare provider in the US was shocked to discover that 85-90% of security violations were actually committed by their business partners.


This case highlights the need for companies to look beyond their employees to ensure that customers and business partners are also complying with the same security standards. It is imperative for organisations to establish these standards with their customers and business partners to prevent security breaches.

“Setting up a safe digital environment for customers and partners to work in is a vital step towards protecting an organisation from external security threats,” commented Kareem Tawansi, CEO of software development provider, Solentive Software.

“The use of portal environments is an example of this strategy. One of the simplest ways to set-up a portal is by using an existing portal tool or a tool that can easily generate portal environments, such as Microsoft’s SharePoint,” suggested Kareem.

“These portals can create an environment that will enforce an organisation’s security standards without requiring the users of such portals to make changes in their own environments,” concluded Kareem.