As the pace of technology accelerates, it is becoming increasingly difficult to analyse the many options available and identify those with the potential to make the most positive impact on an organisation. Now is the time for a monumental shift from the ‘order taker’ mentality inherent in the traditional IT vendor-customer relationship.


According to Kareem Tawansi of the Solentive Technology Group, in the past, IT service providers “just delivered what they were asked for”. Now, organisations must shift their views of IT service providers to a more strategic, long-term partnership; leveraging a deeper level of knowledge, experience and expertise not feasible to retain in-house.

Today, a long-term partnership with external IT consultants is required to maintain a competitive edge in an increasingly commoditised world.

“Nowadays, the IT service provider relationship should extend beyond what is to be delivered,” says Tawansi. Tawansi believes it is critical that organisations work closely with their IT partners to maintain a strategic advantage. They must work in partnership with their IT service provider to ensure IT infrastructure continues to grow in line with the business.

“An IT service provider can advise their customers of a better way of doing things,” the CEO explains. “They take a vested interest in the business, providing the benefits and guidance that are central to the organisation’s growth and success.”

Tawansi admits moving beyond the traditional service relationship with an IT provider is not always an easy task, requiring a shift in mentality towards open collaboration across many levels of the organisation.

For organisations open to working strategically with their IT provider, they can leverage industry experience across various disciplines, sectors and industries from consultants who are at the forefront of technology.

From addressing basic user questions to implementing new technology and applications, an IT partner acts as a single point of contact for all technology issues-delivering practical, frontline solutions and initiatives as new digital platforms, devices and cloud-based options emerge.

Technology no longer simply plays a support function; it is now a business enabler and in many cases, the pulse of the business. An organisation’s close collaboration with their IT service provider is critical to remain abreast of change.