We help organisations take full advantage of SharePoint

Looking to increase collaboration and enable cross-functional teams to communicate?  Want a better way to manage and share documents?  Do you have SharePoint, but it’s just not meeting your business needs?

We provide SharePoint consulting and development to help clients take full advantage of SharePoint and continue to benefit from additional SharePoint functionality with each upgrade.

Whether you already have SharePoint and want to improve it, are looking to roll-out SharePoint or upgrade your current SharePoint instance, we can help.

Our local, experienced SharePoint consultants will provide the guidance and advice to:

  • Customise and configure your current SharePoint system and ensure you are taking full advantage of the pre-built functionality
  • Roll-out a SharePoint intranet quickly and increase collaboration organisation-wide
  • Enforce better control and security of your documents by taking advantage of the pre-built document management functionality within SharePoint
  • Audit your current SharePoint system and highlight areas for potential improvement
  • Extend your SharePoint system with an integrated custom developed application that is unique to your business

Who we’ve helped with SharePoint


With 4400 dispersed employees across 18 separate business units, Anitua needed an intranet that would reach and communicate with each employee.

Solentive’s experienced consultants worked with Anitua to:

  • Roll-out a customised intranet across the entire Anitua business
  • Create a secure, permission based document management system within SharePoint – migrating documents from an existing network drive
  • Automate the leave application process, eliminating unnecessary paperwork

Solentive’s customisation and configuration of SharePoint has enabled Anitua to improve communication organisation wide, secure document management and provide a platform for their dispersed workforce to collaborate on projects.

Clients we have helped


Digital Strategy: Schneider Electric

Revolutionising the way customers purchase Electrical Products

Digital Strategy


Mobile App Development: UNSW

Improving Education through digital online assessment

Mobile App Development


Custom Software: JJ Richards & Sons

Revolutionising service delivery by improving processes, reducing costs & increasing customer satisfaction

Custom Software Development


Customer Experience: Optus

Differentiating through Customer Experience and Improved Productivity

Customer Experience


Custom Software Development: UTS:INSEARCH

Driving student enrolments into UTS by streamlining support processes at UTS:INSEARCH

Custom Software Development


eCommerce: Big Red Group

Customer Acquisition through high-end User Experience


Business Rules Case Study TAL

Business Rules Engine: TAL

Creating efficiencies through centralised Rule Management

Business Rules Management


Data Analytics: GHD

Providing a richer customer experience through Data Analytics

Data Analytics

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