We use design thinking to ensure the problem is correctly defined before designing the solution

Whilst many businesses strive to transform into digital-first organisations, outdated legacy systems, traditional organisational cultures, departmental silos and fragmented roles can make the transition seem difficult.

Meanwhile, new technologies and business models are disrupting entire industry sectors. Traditional organisations are being threatened and outperformed by emerging digital-native organisations.

Becoming a digital-first enterprise requires a fundamental change to your business strategy.

We can tailor a series of Design Thinking workshops to:

  • Empathise with your customers, stakeholders, and ecosystem
  • Define the problem(s) with a human-centred approach
  • Ideate breakthrough ideas
  • Prototype to the depth of fidelity that suits you and your customers
  • Test with your customers and the market
  • Move to a solution design and build stage to fit your budget and timeline
Our Design Thinking Process
Design Thinking Process Circle

Why we are different

  • With over 20 years of experience, we successfully build prototypes that address the right problem that then, become commercially viable products
  • All our engagements are collaborative
  • We deliver agile, innovative solutions, on time and on budget
  • Our consultants are highly experienced at delivering complex projects
  • Our Solentive Vision Process ensures that your innovative digital solutions are designed to address the right problem and are practical to deliver

If you’re willing to join us on a journey of discovery towards innovation, speak to us today.

Clients we have helped

Digital Transformation: Schneider Electric

Increasing Customer acquisition by empowering channel consultants

Schneider Electric

Mobile App Development: UNSW

Transforming grading to increase accuracy & consistency


Custom Software Solution: JJ Richards & Sons

Improving processes, driving cost reductions and increasing customer satisfaction by revolutionising collection runs

JJ Richards & Sons

Systems Integration: Optus

New reverse logistics system to reduce costs associated with faulty mobile devices and to boost efficiency


Custom Software Solution: UTS Insearch

Driving student enrolments into UTS by streamlining support processes at UTS:INSEARCH

UTS Insearch


Customer Experience: Big Red Group

Contributing to the global growth aspirations of BRG by assisting in the transition of their eCommerce website