No matter what your unique business problem is, we understand your overall need.

Whether you want to increase company-wide collaboration with SharePoint, improve your customer experience with Dynamics 365, or increase your competitive advantage with a business rules engine, we use a combination of best of breed products and amazing people to find the right solution for you.

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Our Product Implementation Services include:

InRule Business Rules Engine

InRule empowers technical and business users to change rules and calculations in applications without coding. This allows you to change business rules with less effort, cost and risk than programming and helps you keep pace with changing marketplace needs. Solentive is the exclusive distributor of InRule in Australia and New Zealand. We assist clients in building a proof-of-concept, integrating InRule, authoring business rules and training power users.

SharePoint Consulting and Development

Increase collaboration company-wide, enable cross-functional teams to communicate and improve project management with SharePoint. Whether you already have SharePoint and want to improve it, are looking to roll-out SharePoint or upgrade your current SharePoint instance, we can help. We assist clients to take full advantage of SharePoint and continue to benefit from additional functionality with each upgrade.

Dynamics 365 Consulting and Development

Empower your Sales and Marketing teams with centralised customer data and enhance your customer relationships with Dynamics 365. If you are looking to roll-out Dynamics 365 or improve your current system, we can help. Online or on-premise, our Dynamics 365 consultants can assist you to configure, customise, integrate and extend Dynamics 365.


Give your team the confidence to never send out incorrect documents again. With ExactDocs you can centralize and control all of your document templates and use them to generate perfectly compliant and accurate documents every time. It is easy to use and is the perfect companion for your Microsoft productivity tools such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Dynamics 365 and Word. It is also easy to integrate with other third party systems and by coupling with Microsoft Power Automate and/or the InRule Decisions Platform, ExactDocs can generate documents based on complex rule sets and workflows.

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