We provide app development services for modern mobile enterprises

Is your workforce being held down by unique custom applications that are too clunky to use on a small phone screen? Are your employees resorting to traditional pen and paper when out on the field? Why should your unique custom applications be confined to the desktop?

Mobilise your workforce and empower your employees to be highly productive when out on the field and put an end to errors made in double-handling of information.

We have developed countless unique and complex enterprise applications utilising Design Thinking techniques for large corporations for over 25 years. Such development often requires integration of different internal systems to ensure workflow and sharing of information is seamless. While many app development companies take a heavy focus on using app functionality to re-build a current paper or enterprise app based process, we approach it differently. Our experience means we are well-equipped in developing more complex enterprise applications by having Big Data collected from apps to build you a new application.

To ensure that your app achieves the outcomes your business is looking for, we employ our proven and unique Agile project methodology and Design Thinking concepts to develop your app. To ensure that your users will actually adopt the app, we have specialised UX Consultants who use a range of methodologies such as observation, conception and evaluation to develop a UX design that is intuitive and easy-to-use.

Why choose us:

  • Experienced in developing complex enterprise mobile apps
  • Experienced in integrating apps with complex enterprise applications and ERP systems
  • Our unique processes ensure your app aligns with desired business outcomes
  • We use Design Thinking to discover unique solutions that can provide competitive advantage
  • We aim to innovate over improving processes or re-engineering during the development of your application
  • Our UX Consultants ensure your app is adopted by your users

Clients we have helped


Digital Strategy: Schneider Electric

Revolutionising the way customers purchase Electrical Products

Digital Strategy


Mobile App Development: UNSW

Improving Education through digital online assessment

Mobile App Development


Custom Software: JJ Richards & Sons

Revolutionising service delivery by improving processes, reducing costs & increasing customer satisfaction

Custom Software Development


Customer Experience: Optus

Differentiating through Customer Experience and Improved Productivity

Customer Experience


Custom Software Development: UTS:INSEARCH

Driving student enrolments into UTS by streamlining support processes at UTS:INSEARCH

Custom Software Development


eCommerce: Big Red Group

Customer Acquisition through high-end User Experience


Business Rules Case Study TAL

Business Rules Engine: TAL

Creating efficiencies through centralised Rule Management

Business Rules Management


Data Analytics: GHD

Providing a richer customer experience through Data Analytics

Data Analytics

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