We help organisations write and manage business rules. No code. No kidding.

Do you have multiple business rules hard coded into applications? Is changing business rules a lengthy and painful process? Are you being held hostage by your software developers’ backlog of rules changes?

InRule Technology’s business rules engine empowers technical and business users to change rules and calculations in applications without coding. This allows you to change business rules with less effort, cost and risk than programming and helps you keep pace with changing marketplace needs.

InRule is a leading business rules management system that has been deployed in hundreds of mission-critical and customer-facing applications in more than 20 countries.


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Key Benefits of InRule – Business Rules Engine

Be empowered

With InRule, your people are able to easily align the logic of core applications with changing marketplace and customer needs with less effort, cost and risk than programming. Technical and non-technical users can use intuitive authoring to quickly and easily write business rules and logic. Business analysts and experts can change decision logic themselves, relieving overworked IT departments.

Easy integration with complex environments

InRule delivers out-of-the-box integration and best practice recommendations for key technologies such as:

– .NET
– Windows Workflow Foundation
– JavaScript
– BizTalk Server
– Azure
– SharePoint
– Microsoft Dynamics 365
– Salesforce

Leverage across multiple platforms

With a rich SDK, InRule can be custom tailored to fit into your applications and environments. For .NET applications, InRule can be called ‘in process’ with as little as five lines of code. For other platforms, InRule can be called ‘as-a-service’ meaning the same rules can be used within multiple platforms.

Automate precise, highly variable decisions

In many transactions, the best decision is specific to the context of the customer, geography, social profile, business history, product applying for (or to a combination of these factors). InRule effortlessly handles multiple decision criteria, ensuring that complex business rules are enforced.

Easy, safe and predictable rule management

With InRule, you get comprehensive capabilities to manage business rules, including role-based permissions, testing, simulation and reports.

Exclusive InRule Distributor

Solentive is the exclusive distributor of InRule Technology’s business rules engine in Australia and New Zealand. Our experienced InRule consultants and developers can assist you to:

  • Build a proof-of-concept to showcase how InRule will run within your organisation
  • Implement InRule into your current business systems
  • Author business rules
  • Train your power users to author business rules
  • Develop a custom application powered by InRule

Artificial Intelligence

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in mainstream business is relatively new, however, their application is a growing tech trend for future focused businesses. To successfully move forward in the machine learning space, a lot of clean, enriched data is required, which can be hard to get your hands on. This is where a business rules engine can help you. By binding machine learning with InRule, it will help to:

  • Clean the data;
  • Automate decisions faster;
  • Stay compliant with regulation;
  • Make the model more accurate;
  • Stay within the limits of corporate guidelines;
  • Operationalise the model;
  • Provide transparency

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