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What is AI, you might ask?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science where machines simulate human intelligence and automate human tasks. Such activities include speech recognition, learning, reasoning, problem-solving, and visual identification. Machine learning is a component of AI whereby the computer or system learns from the data provided and is able to make its own improvements.

The current push for AI is driven by the exponential growth of computing power (Moore’s Law), increased funding and the amount of big data generated in recent years. AI is not only impacting the way we do business but also the way we live.

To remain competitive in today’s market, organisations need to improve productivity levels and create new opportunities, whilst reducing costs. Applying advancements in AI is helping organisations achieve these improvements.

So where to start? That’s where we come in. We will help you navigate the confusing world of AI and work with you on potential applications of AI to meet your unique business needs. From there, we can determine the right cognitive services that will best meet your requirements.

Some benefits of Artificial Intelligence

The application of AI in a mainstream business is relatively new, so the possibilities are endless as the technology evolves.

More tailored customer experience

AI can see how your users are interacting with your products and automatically provide them with features that they want, creating a better, more tailored user experience. Your sales team will also be able to use the information to do more targeted upselling and cross-selling.

Improved efficiency

Increase efficiency by using AI to automate simple and labour-intensive activities and gain deeper insights into your internal operations and the outcomes of your business decisions.

Better decision-making

Make better, evidence-based decisions by visualising business data, understanding how different factors can influence the business, and scenario-testing possible decisions.

Predict customer demand

Predict future market conditions by uncovering insights into your customer and internal operations. This will allow you to optimise scheduling, the ordering of package materials, the supply chain process and pricing of your products.

Cognitive Services


We can help you apply the following cognitive services to your business:

  • IBM Watson
  • Google Cloud AI
  • Amazon AI
  • Microsoft AI
InRule and Machine Learning


Machine Learning can be difficult to get right as it requires a lot of clean, enriched data. This is where rule technology can help you.

Solentive are the sole distributors in Australia and New Zealand of InRule, a business rules engine that empowers technical and business users to change rules and calculations in applications without coding.

By binding machine learning with a rules engine such as InRule, it will help to:

  • Clean the data;
  • Automate decisions faster;
  • Stay compliant with regulation;
  • Make the model more accurate;
  • Stay within the limits of corporate guidelines;
  • Operationalise the model;
  • Provide transparency

To find out more about InRule, click here

Why we are different

We have seen technology evolve over time and the recent advancements and applications of AI to business has created endless possibilities. Whilst exciting, our approach will ensure that AI’s application will provide added value and ROI to your business.

At Solentive, we take a human-centred approach to understanding your unique business requirements. This means that we focus on the human perspectives of those we’re designing for in our problem-solving process, and will recommend AI and machine learning when it will provide a more personalised human experience, streamlines processes, or uncovers insights that a human wouldn’t be able to, and use these insights to make better human decisions.


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