UNSW Medicine is one of Australia’s largest and most diverse medical faculties within a university. Known for innovation and excellence, UNSW Medicine is determined to transform students into highly skilled and professional clinicians.

Business Challenge

As Education attrition rates rise, UNSW Medicine sought to move to a more performance-based assessment process, with the help of technology to enhance accuracy and consistency throughout the process.


UNSW partnered with Solentive through an iterative process to build an iOS Online Assessment Application. Ease of use and adaptive UX was important to UNSW Medicine to ensure widespread adoption. The application enables examiners to assess students at any time, within any setting in a consistent manner. Built for the iPad, with off-line capability, the application is hosted on Azure for scalability and performance.


The Online Assessment Application has enabled grading to be accurate, consistent and instantly available to students after an assessment. The risk of transcription errors when reporting has been negated, paperwork and time to prepare examinations has reduced and the app has increased efficiency and productivity two-fold for UNSW Medicine.

The entire vision of the project has been brought into fruition. For an exam of 14 students, 1296 results were instantly uploaded from 12 iPads to allow students to view results with a few clicks of a mouse.

Clayton GilbertMedicine Computing Support Unit