BRG is the parent company to businesses RedBalloon, Adrenaline, Marketics (Albert AI) and They are considered the best at what they do and they are the third largest pure play experience marketplace globally.

Business Challenge

BRG saw a need to keep pace with changing customer expectations and ever-increasing business pressures. This included the transformation of their ageing website to a new eCommerce platform. Their complex business model required a significant amount of customisation and in-depth development.


Solentive worked together with BRG’s onsite team to design and build their website and eCommerce solution via a combination of custom software development and Commerce Cloud to intelligently integrate with BRG’s current environment, providing a seamless customer experience and helping BRG to increase customer conversions and acquisition.


The new platform has given BRG the confidence to scale, with almost immediate improvements in performance. BRG’s customer journey is more cohesive which has improved the overall customer experience and provided a 15% increase in mobile conversions. The new, modernised platform paves the way for future growth and is the first milestone on BRG’s technology innovation roadmap.

Solentive resources were provided and they behaved like "one of us" straight away, working out what needed to be done and getting it done quickly. The cultural fit was effortless and they became part of the family; breaking our hearts a little when they left.

Brett RavenChief Information Officer