TAL is a leading Australian life insurance provider. They have been in operation for over 140 years and provide insurance to over 4 million Australians.

Business Challenge

TAL’s quoting and eligibility assessment process was executed on an individual customer basis, which caused it to be a time-consuming, decentralised process that delayed quoting and impacted TAL’s overall speed-to-market profitability.


Solentive worked in collaboration with TAL to provide a solution that combined custom software and InRule to enable the business to centrally manage eligibility criteria and rules.

Solentive worked with the business to understand TAL’s unique needs, design a solution architecture that was fit-for-purpose and aligned with TAL’s environment, as well as worked with business users to understand and implement TAL’s business rules in a way that ensured the quoting process was streamlined and effective.

InRule was chosen as the desired business rules engine due to its ability to construct rules in straightforward language, its .NET capability, performance, scalability and JavaScript compatibility.


TAL were able to eliminate delays from creating backend code, which reduced the turnaround time in producing quotes for customers. TAL’s SME’s were empowered to control decision logic and business rules became more visible which decreased human error and increased efficiency. Insights into their decision logic could be analysed, which made cross-selling opportunities more easily identifiable.