People are important to us; our clients and our team are the key to our success. We have a way of working together that is rare; it’s why people enjoy working with us and for us.

Eliciting change can be difficult. Our view of the world and business is unique, it arms us with curiosity that allows us to unlock complex challenges. Our team are creative problem solvers, who work together with a genuine desire to help others do great things through the smart use of technology.

We are a full service agency, that provides end-to-end solutions to Australia’s fastest growing companies. We are a unique group of people. A blend of thinkers, planners and coders that get things done. Innovation and continued learning is at our core.

Leadership Team


Kareem Tawansi

Founder & Chief of Innovation

Kareem founded Solentive from his desire to remove friction from people's lives. With a love of psychology and technology, Kareem's vision is for technology to help our clients champion change, improve efficiency and the overall way we work. As our Chief of Innovation, Kareem drives continued learning and new technology approaches throughout Solentive to ensure we use the best combination of feasible technologies to solve unique problems.


Rebecca Swinfield

Chief Operating Officer

As our Head of Operations, Rebecca is passionate about finding and solving problems. With an empathic, customer-centric and people-first approach, Rebecca works to ensure we understand our clients and provide them with a solution that is fit-for-purpose and improves their overall customer experience.

We are always looking for innovative, forward-thinking people to join our team

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