Optus has implemented a smart software application that ensures sales staff can calculate and deliver accurate and fast sales quotes in the field.


Project objective: streamline customer quoting

Optus made a decision to improve customer pricing in the field. In particular, they were looking to eliminate bottlenecks in the system which affected the team’s ability to deliver fast, accurate quotes essential for winning new business.


Smart software application

Optus commissioned Solentive to develop a smart software application to facilitate location-based data capture, competitor price analysis and requirements planning.

Run as a desktop software application from the file system or CD-ROM, the application is a .Net 2.0 WinForm package integrated with third-party software that allows it to execute without installation. Solentive handled the entire build lifecycle as part of the development. This included the creation of a database, business logic and graphical user interface (GUI) offering modular branding.


Optus takes back control

Sales staff can now accurately calculate and deliver a high volume of service quotes in the field.

Offering data validation as a featured component, the quotation tool eliminates human error and ensures consistent pricing across an entire Optus department, thereby increasing capacity for profitable sales. The quoting tool uploads quickly from CD-ROM and works across machine configurations for use in any environment. Sales quotes are generated in PDF or saved to disk.