Technology is all around us, in everything we do. We believe it’s role should be to help not hinder our performance in life. Our goal is to make software that serves the desires and aspirations of those who choose to do things differently. To do this, we believe it takes a combination of great people, processes and tools to build software right.

One size fits all approaches rarely work, and we have found in over 25 years of experience that a success comes from using a flexible approach that caters for the uniqueness of our clients businesses. Our approach is based around people, collaboration, curiosity and pragmatism.

The Solentive Practical Agile Methodology – SOLPAM; combines Design Thinking, LEAN and Agile Methodologies and adapts them to a practical commercial framework to ensure that we set your project up for success by tackling the right problem and starting with “why.”

Our inception process, known as a Project Vision allows us to truly understand your business, and ensure we have identified the right problem to solve in order to get real business results. This process allows us to gain insights, set stakeholder expectations and reduce risk.


As part of the Project Vision we will:


Understand your current business and identify the right problem via customer research and interviews, stakeholder observations and workshops


Help you ensure your business problem is well defined and documented into user stories and requirements


Ideate with your team to identify opportunities for innovation and differentiation

Prototype & Test

Create wireframes, prototypes and Visualise User Experience Design to iterate and test with your clients potential solutions. This ensures solutions are intuitive, functional, meet expectations and are aligned to your visual design and branding. This process helps to reduce risk as it brings the feedback cycle forward and reduces rework as well as helps to communicate ideas to your team early, helping you to manage change

Solution Definition

Provide a unique solution design and architecture using a combination of tools, products and custom software development that meets your business needs


Provide a recommendations Roadmap that provides visibility and certainty on feature value and size, to enable the determination of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) release so that you can obtain incremental value before investing further


Our iterative delivery approach is then tailored to your project’s commercial and business constraints including resources, timeframe, governance and change management. Key components of our methodology include:


Our patented Methodology is complemented by our great people and the best tools



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