“InRule has proven to be a great decision. Aside from providing a better rules development experience (compared to our previous rules engine) the run time has been stellar. We also have a reliable partner in Solentive, something that was lacking earlier”

Adrian Falcao, Enterprise Design Architect, HCF

InRule is a leading decision management platform and business rules engine. InRule empowers organisations to automate decisions and business rules in applications; improving the organisation’s existing processes and giving them a competitive advantage.


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InRule’s author-first approach allows both technical and business users to write and manage business rules without the need for programming. This allows you to keep pace with changing marketplace needs by making applications easy to update.

InRule helps make automation accessible, by simplifying the integration of data science and predictive logic with decision automation. This empowers organisations to understand and automate their business rules quickly, accurately and transparently.

InRule has been deployed in hundreds of mission-critical and customer-facing applications in over 40 countries.

Key Benefits of InRule:

Empower Subject Matter Experts:

InRule simplifies complex business processes, therefore enabling SME’s to quickly and truly grasp the raw, underlying knowledge and theory behind the product. This empowers them to contribute, advise, and educate your organisation and your clients.

Centralise for Easy Access:

InRule creates a single source of truth. This allows you to quickly adapt to changes, such as threats from your competitors or shifts in market conditions, all without the need to sift through application code

Greater Transparency for all Users:

The “Why” behind every prediction made is explained through InRule’s machine learning technology. Business processes are automated by user-friendly applications, which improves efficiency, consistency, and transparency for all users.

Gather & Analyse Insights:

By leveraging InRule Metrics, you have clarity and transparency into which rules are being executed and when during production. Analytics are all in one place, and they suggest actionable intelligence and continuous improvement of your rules.

Exceptional Flexibility & Scalability:

InRule enables its users to execute mission-critical business decisions anywhere (on premise, in the Cloud or at the edge) and helps improve organisational efficiencies.

Faster Change Cycles:

Research shows 120-160 hours on average are spent changing business rules in hard-coded logic. By implementing InRule, you can drop this to 14 hours, which is a 90% reduction. InRule’s simple user interface facilitates this process, such as dropdown menus and flexible prompts.

More Accuracy:

InRule leverages the power of human-driven and machine-driven processes, ensuring increased accuracy throughout the authoring and execution of your business rules.

Deliver Better Business Outcomes:

Implementing a business rules management system like InRule, will streamline your business processes, remove double-handling and errors, and ultimately help you make better business decisions.

Quantifying the value of InRule:

When embarking on a rule project, it is important to have buy-in from your key stakeholders. By understanding how much time and money can be saved by implementing InRule, and by identifying new revenue opportunities might help get them over the line.
We surveyed the InRule User Community to learn about the specific, quantifiable benefits they have seen since deploying InRule:

$241,488.96 AUD

Saved in implementation costs.


Reduction in implementation effort.

$1 Million AUD +

Total savings per customer when choosing InRule over hard-coded logic.

$500k AUD

In payroll savings per year with a business rules engine.

The InRule Approach:

The InRule Approach 2019 (business & tech)

Exclusive InRule Distributor

Solentive is the exclusive distributor of the InRule business rules engine in the Asia Pacific region. Our experienced InRule consultants and developers can assist you to:

Build a proof-of-concept to showcase how InRule will run within your organisation
Install InRule within your unique environment
Workshop your business rules and provide best practice recommendations
Author business rules
Train and empower your users to author and test business rules
Develop a custom application supported by InRule

Consulting Services:

At Solentive, we believe it is fundamental to create a foundation for project success, and we have consulting services available to ensure this:

Foundational Framework:

Initial foundation rules are designed and authored by our highly experienced InRule Consultants.

Capability Building:

We empower organisational ownership of the management of rules, via continuous engagement from inception to production.

Throughput Assistance:

We offer throughput assistance to expedite the transition to InRule, to ensure project progression as scheduled.

Ongoing Support:

We continue to provide support as required, such as complimentary account meetings, health checks and rule review.

New Team Onboarding:

Organisational changes are inevitable, so we are on-hand to ensure new team members are completely across your InRule implementation.

Technical Details:

We understand all businesses have their own unique needs and that is why we offer a variety of deployment options to meet your budget and resources. InRule can either be hosted in our cloud (InRule-hosted SaaS), your cloud (self-hosted SaaS) or on premise.
InRule enables rules to be executed anywhere. It can be used in a range of scenarios and executed via SOAP, REST, Javascript, its .NET SDK, in containers or serverless environments.
Depending on the type of rule, rules can be authored in different ways; language based, syntax based, or decision table based (tabular based.)
InRule Rules Applications can store structured data internally, or data can be retrieved from external sources by connecting to databases or web-based API’s. InRule can also execute code from .NET assemblies.
Do you want to integrate InRule with your existing applications and environments? InRule can be custom tailored to integrate virtually with any application through its RESTful execution service, which means you will gain greater value from you existing technology solutions. This also ensures there is a consistency of logic across your organisation and helps reduce maintenance costs.

  • InRule for Salesforce makes it easy to author and execute decisions and save changes back to Salesforce.
  • InRule for Dynamics, enables customisation of the experience without modifying solutions or code.
  • InRule integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft productivity suite, such as the Power Automate platform, SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • InRule integrates with custom platforms, such as ExactDocs, an intelligent Document Automation, Generation and Template Management System. By combining these systems, you can generate, distribute, and securely store documents based on complex rulesets and workflows. (Learn more about ExactDocs)
  • InRule supports other integrations to help leverage organisation’s existing technologies.

When it comes to testing, InRule includes its own testing suite for unit tests, regression tests and debugging.

Worried about access and security? Administrators have the ability to use role-based access control, to determine who can author and publish rules. InRule has its own out-of-the-box forms authentication, but can be integrated with Active Directory, Azure AD, OKTA, or any other OAuth 2 providers.

InRule provides a catalogue service or rules repository with rich version control comparison and labelling features, which can also be used to automate production on one environment to another.

Things to consider before starting a Rule Project:

You’re ready to say yes to a rule project, and we are here to support you throughout your InRule journey and to help you progress you rule application from your development environment to a production-ready app! Here’s a short list of things to consider before starting a rule project to help ensure success:

  • Who will write the rules? – Find the experts in your business and these people will become the ambassadors of rule projects. They key recommended roles are a Decision Architect (Business or IT), to drive the overall decision design based on your organisation’s use cases, a Decision Author (Business or IT), to implement the decision logic, and a Decision Integrator (IT), to configure your business applications.
  • Identify your stakeholders – Identify stakeholders and play back your progress on a regular basis to build trust and establish accountability.
  • Recruit your best leader – Your leader does not need to be technical, but they need to be open-minded, transparent and results orientated.
  • Write rules together – Everyone needs to experience the early stages of a rules project to build confidence.
  • Focus on the right problem – Clearly state why you are doing this project; then make assumptions and work on hypotheses that lead to shared goals and execution.
  • Focus on structure – Focus on entity structure, terms, and vocabulary with the business, to share meanings and ensure there is a mutual understanding
  • Work as a team – Author rules collaboratively as a team; at Solentive we can help you with throughput or to build capability within your team.
  • Establish the system end-to-end – Don’t optimise early; it is better to do so when the entire decision is available for review.
  • Keep on moving – Try not to link the life cycle of the rule application with the client application; you can get the rule application into production before the client application is complete.
  • Testing – Testing is the only way to know you are done, and once up and running, clean production data can be used to hone in on business goals.
  • Documentation – Ensure you document and share the work as best practice for new hires and other teams.

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