We help organisations automate business rules to improve business processes and gain a competitive advantage.

Changing business rules can be a lengthy and painful process, especially if logic is spread across disparate systems and hard coded into legacy applications.

Business rules sitting in silo systems results in organisations having no transparency over their rules, the time to market for changes is too long to keep up with the competition and organisations are leaking revenue as rules are not correctly executed against business operations.

Businesses are increasingly using Customer Experience to gain a competitive advantage. Moving your business rules from a hard coded application and into a business rules engine can elevate your customer experience by making automation accessible across the enterprise, streamlining your business processes, removing double handing and errors, increasing speed to market and reducing costs.

Research shows 120-160 hours on average are spent changing business rules in hard-coded logic. When using a Business Rules Management System this drops to 14 hours, which is a 90% reduction in time spent changing business rules.


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InRule is a leading decision management platform and business rules engine. InRule empowers organisations to automate decisions and business rules in applications without requiring programming. This allows you to keep pace with changing marketplace needs by making applications easy to update – by technical or business users.

InRule Technology’s rules engine has been deployed in hundreds of mission-critical and customer-facing applications in more than 40 countries.

Key benefits of InRule

Empower Subject Matter Experts
Centralise for easy access
Greater transparency for all users
Gather and analyse insights
Faster and flexible change cycles
Standardise for easier use

Technical Details

We understand all businesses have their own unique needs and that is why we offer a variety of deployment options. InRule can either be hosted in our cloud (InRule-hosted SaaS), your cloud (self-hosted SaaS) or on premise. It can be used in a range of scenarios and can be executed via SOAP, REST, Javascript and its .NET SDK. Depending on the authors personal preference, rules can be authored using English-like language, syntax or InRule’s own scripting language (irScript) and included utility classes. InRule Rules Applications can store structured data internally, or data can be retrieved from external sources by connecting to databases or web-based API’s. InRule can also execute code from .NET assemblies. When it comes to testing, InRule includes its own testing suite for unit tests, regression tests and debugging. Worried about access and security? Administrators have the ability to use role-based access control, to determine who can author and publish rules.

InRule is trusted by the world’s leading organisations across Financial services, Healthcare, Insurance, Government. Hundreds of customers leverage InRule’s decision platform and business rules management system (BRMS) to design a system that connects their business intent to tangible business results.

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Solentive is the Asia Pacific exclusive distributor of InRule Technology’s business rules engine. Our experienced InRule consultants and developers can assist you to:

Build a proof-of-concept to showcase how InRule will run within your organisation
Install InRule within your unique environment
Workshop your business rules and provide best practice recommendations
Author business rules
Train and empower your users to author and test business rules
Develop a custom application supported by InRule

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