A recent survey has revealed that ‘nearly one in ten businesses find software testing to be unnecessary, while more than half agree that it’s a necessity, but grumble about the cost’*.


“I believe there is still a misconception in software development that good software comes from good code alone. In fact, good code is only half of the equation. Every successful project needs good analysis, good project management and good testing,” stated Kareem Tawansi, CEO of software development provider, Solentive Software.

“I think down playing the role of adequate testing in a software development project shows lack of experience,” commented Kareem.

“The wider the variety of thought patterns applied to a problem, the more robust the solution is going to be. Software engineers look at problem solving in a particular manner – usually at a very detailed level,” continued Kareem. “Testers look at the same problem in a completely different approach – often at a holistic level.”

“Sufficient quality testing is an absolute imperative for a successful software development project and the only way to guarantee quality software is produced,” stated Kareem.

*www.cio.com.au – read the full article.