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Are your document templates all over the place?

Do you struggle to keep your document templates consistent?

Would you like to have a centralised repository of all your document templates that you control, allowing your people to only ever be using the most up-to-date versions?

Do you use complex rules to generate your documents?


The world’s only rules-engine based document automation platform

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With ExactDocs, you can manage all your document templates and generate error-free documents every time with:

Access control over your templates
A centralised template repository
The ability to bundle generated documents into sets
The ability to link documents so repeated content need only be changed in one location
The ability to generate documents (single or bundled, linked or not) against large data sets
The ability to integrate with Microsoft products such as SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and OneDrive
The ability to integrate with Salesforce

We can help you structure all your document templates in a logical and easily maintainable way and setup all the right access, whether that be for power users or users with no other ability than to generate documents.


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