Cloud computing has become a hot topic over recent months, with many large organisations on the uptake or at least considering moving to the cloud. Some of Australia’s largest banks are no exception to this. With cloud computing moving at such a fast pace, no policies or procedures have been put in place, leaving some organisations concerned about the consequences should a cloud vendor go out of business.


Banks are among a number of organisations calling for cloud standards and have already taken the first step to initiate a standard in the industry by forming a steering committee.

“Like any emerging technology-based industry where the behaviours come first, then the rules, regulations and standards follow, cloud computing will eventually mature into a well-regulated and standards-based industry,” commented Kareem Tawansi, CEO of software development provider, Solentive Software.

“To help the industry mature, organisations will need to understand their own requirements, band together and develop those standards,” continued Kareem. “I believe hybrid models where the data either resides both in the cloud and on-premises, or where parts of the data live in the cloud while other parts remain in-house should be adopted by organisations. These hybrid models will help an organisation protect itself from losing sensitive and/or critical information,” suggested Kareem.