Earlier this week, Prime Minister Julia Gillard released details on the carbon tax to start from July 1, 2012. The new tax has divided Australians, but how will it impact on IT?


“Like most business sectors, the IT industry consumes energy to run its day-to-day operations and as such will be impacted by the introduction of the carbon tax,” commented Kareem Tawansi, CEO of software development provider, Solentive Software.

“As the increased cost of energy is passed down to consumers, this will mean that it will become more expensive for Australian IT businesses to establish or continue running operations such as datacentres in Australia. The impact of this tax may force many cloud vendors to move their datacentre operations offshore,” continued Kareem.

“We are already witnessing the impact of the carbon tax with many major cloud vendors reluctant to host datacentres in Australia. As some industry sectors have legal requirements to ensure that data is not stored offshore, this will mean that these industry sectors will find it difficult to locate a datacentre hosted within Australia,” concluded Kareem.